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After Trucker, I switched gears into princess girl mode.  Julianna is such a beautiful girl and I enjoy her and mom so much (and grandmother too!)  I loved every image I have of her and had such a hard time picking!  I am LOVING the dress with boots and have the cutest pics of her dancing.  Thinking a little wall gallery of those will be so cute!


March 16, 2012

My trip back home was great!  It is so hard to juggle around 10+ families but everyone is always so understanding and flexible with me.  It makes me feel so loved to come home and be with my old clients.  I know that I will not always be able to juggle 2 states (or all my clients)  but for now, it works:)  I have photographed 17 month old, Trucker, since he was in mommy’s belly.  He is soo sweet and so fun!  He kept us on our toes and I was loving every minute of it.  Here is a little peek of Trucker-


February 17, 2012

I am in the process of of getting this site updated!  Finally!  Anybody from SC are probably confused by the Atlanta photographer!  Believe me, I have tried to change all that but these blogs are all code and I am LOST!!  So, it will come in time.

The kids and I have been here since August and Scott arrived in November.  Last week he was hired on at the City of Myrtle Beach Fire Dept:)  He has to go thru recruit school all over- but who cares?!!  He is back in the job he loves and will be there until he retires.  The next 12 weeks will be a little crazy around here:)  I have moved my office into my family’s home furnishing consignment shop in old downtown Myrtle Beach, NEST.  I have been traveling back to Atlanta everyother month to photograph old clients.  It is time for me to find my niche here.  I am super excited to meet new clients and shoot at new locations- there are some really great places here!  Also, PictureLily is on FACEBOOK!  Please go and like us to help spread the word to your friends.  I have been adding pics to all the catagories so potential clients can get a good feel of my style.  :)

Another Year Goes By…

November 9, 2011

I get to see Lily every year for her photoshoot and last year included her new brother, Cooper.  Well, Cooper has grown into a precious 1 yr old and Lily has for sure turned into an adorable, “grown up”  5 yr old!  We always have fun and this year was no different.  Thinking back on our shoot, I laugh bc we were both so late.   I was staying in Atlanta with my sis and realized 5 miles down the road my CAMERA was not in the car!  Friday afternoon, driving through the city… hmmm…  Scott was wiggin out driving me!  Then, they were later than me bc mom forgot her mascara!!  Both are pretty important, but I think mine takes the cake!  B- we really have it together, huh??!  We got great pics, tho!

Ellie and Mason…

November 9, 2011

I am having trouble loading pictures onto my blog so I am really behind!  I got to go see Ellie and Mason at their house during my ATl trip.  I got to meet their cool dad and play around with the dogs:)  Mason has grown so much in 8 months and his eyes are super gorgeous!  Ellie is just as sweet and spunky as I remember!!  Hope you love your pics!!


November 8, 2011

I had some wonderful shoots while I was back home in GA.  I met with this family one chilly morning and we ROCKED it!  I have shot this family 3 times now and each time has been AWESOME!  What a fun group to be around- not too hard on the eyes, either:)

You guys are too much fun!!

Old Friends…

November 8, 2011

I was so excited to meet my old friend from highschool and her family for pics while I was in Columbia.  They are such a fun family and we had a great time!  I took so many pictures warming up the kids and waiting for the crazy, bright sun to die down and I love the results!  Marie’s husband, Jeff (Smith), is a dermatologist in the Columbia area, so a little plug for him bc he is such a super, great guy:)

(decided to leave out the fam pic in case they want to use it for the holidays!)

Hi Everyone!  I know I am lagging in posts but I am busy here making up for lost time with my kiddos, editing, helping mom and dad with their shop and getting our house put together (if I can get past the daily cleaning!)  Scott will be with us in less than 2 wks and we are so excited to finally have Daddy here for good!  What he will do for work- I DUNNO!  He will be doing the testing over a few months time for the MB Fire Dept- wish us luck!  I know he will do well.  He is very fit, loves all the scary stuff like crawling through tunnels in the dark with a mask on and he has been a fireman for almost 2 yrs now.  He will kick butt!

I have traveled for shoots lately to Columbia and back to good ol’ ATL.  I have been very fortunate that many of my clients will still have me:)  So many, in fact, that I have had to tunr some down bc of time.  I have had 3 very successful trips and I plan to continue that until I meet all of my glorious, future clients here on the Grand Strand!!  As far as my next trip is concerned, I am booked up.  So sorry!  I will announce if I will be making another trip in 2012 for photo shoots. 

Here are some wonderful families that came all the way to Columbia to meet me and my camera.  These families hold such a special place in my heart.  I think I have known them for over 3 yrs now and I realized how much I will miss them when we met for pics. 

Trip Back to GA #1…

September 28, 2011

We are trying our best to settle here in Myrtle Beach.  The kids are making friends and doing great in school, I am spending my days running around like a chicken with my head cut off editing and trying to get this house put together.  All the while, missing my other half:)  I have 2 more trips to GA this year and as of now, they are all full!  I will spend this winter trying to find new clients here and try to hit spring with a bang.  Wish me luck!! 

I met with Kinsley for her 1 year on a cloudy morning.  It was a little chilly and damp but she was a trooper and ending up giving us some gut laughs!  My fave!  She will be running soon- watch out mom and dad:) 

Then, I got to see sweet Ava Caroline.  I was so suprised to see her doing so well standing!  Scott and I both agreed she looks like an early walker- sorry guys:)

I was so excited to see Carter and Preston again!  These little guys are so cute and well behaved.  What little posers…

And with PictureLily, there is a time for posing and lots of time for playing…

I know Carter looked older than 5 in this pic, but I couldn’t help it.  He is too precious!  And Preston and his dimples…


Last, I met with Ayden and Trent.  I have been photographing them for almost 3 years- always so much fun!  Mom wanted a little more on the vintage side.  There is so much to play with when editing vintage and I LOVE it!

Trent and his sweet smile…